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Heat pump production in Germany

  • „Indoor unit of the new heat pump generation with climate-friendly refrigerant propane is produced in Central Hesse.
  • 60 new jobs will be created by the end of this year.
  • Heat pump storage tanks installed on site.

The plant in Eibelshausen and its 400 or so associates have started the production of indoor units for the latest generation of heat pumps. 25 new jobs have already been created in 2022 for this purpose, with another 60 to follow this year. In the new heat pump production line, the storage tanks are inserted into the indoor unit of the heat pump directly on site. This greatly reduces the time needed for installation at the end user and also makes the system more robust.

Bosch expands existing heat pump production network

Until now, the Eibelshausen plant has solely produced hot water storage tanks for combination with various Bosch Thermotechnology products. “The start of production in Eibelshausen has expanded our existing heat pump production network in Tranås, Sweden, and Aveiro, Portugal. Bosch Thermotechnology will invest a total of 700 million euros in its heat pump business by 2025. We want to continue to outgrow the market and push ahead with the transformation of heat supply,” says Birte Lübbert, member of the Bosch Thermotechnology Executive Management in charge of Technology, Development, Production, Logistics and Quality Management.

Future-proof heat pump generation

The indoor unit produced in Eibelshausen since this year features an integrated 180-litre domestic hot water storage tank and a 16-litre buffer storage tank. It enables quick installation on a footprint of only 0.36 square metres and is characterised by good system robustness. The new heat pump generation is operated with the natural refrigerant R290 (propane). The natural raw material propane has a low greenhouse gas potential. In addition, propane has ideal thermodynamic properties that enables the heat pump to achieve particularly high energy efficiency and higher flow temperatures. Propane as a refrigerant in heat pumps thus ensures a future-proof and sustainable heat supply. In hybrid combination with conventional heating systems, the heat transition in existing buildings can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively, even without renovation. Thanks to an integrated sound diffuser and psychoacoustic optimization, the new generation of heat pumps is also one of the quietest units in its class.

Oldest Bosch Group site expands its portfolio

Established more than 400 years ago, the Eibelshausen site is one of the oldest industrial plants in Germany and the oldest location of the Bosch Group. The site dates back to 1613, when a blast furnace plant fired with charcoal was taken into operation in Eibelshausen with the permission of the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg. Since then, metal has been processed at the plant into a wide variety of products, hot water tanks have been produced for Bosch Thermotechnik since 2007.