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User Experience

Bosch Thermotechnology ExpertTalk

Customer satisfaction builds trust – that is why our aim is to design user-friendly products and services and thereby allow our customers to enjoy the best possible user experience. In our next Bosch Thermotechnology ExpertTalk, our experts talk about the importance of User Experience at Bosch Thermotechnik and how it affects the development of new technologies.

Bosch Thermotechnology ExpertTalk "User Experience"

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 at 10:00 AM CET


We look forward to receiving contributions from our Bosch Thermotechnology experts:

Alexander Uhl, Director User Experience & Market Intelligence: "What does Bosch Thermotechnology understand by User Experience?"

Jakub Kytka, Product Manager Heatpumps: "Developing heat pumps based on customer feedback"

Sarah Schmalzried, Head of Digital User Acquisition: "Developing customer focused digital solutions with UX"

Outlook, "What are the next steps in refining UX?"

Susanne Stockhammer: How insights from UX influence development of ventilation system

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Anne Kaletsch

Anne Kaletsch


Bosch Thermotechnology ExpertTalk User Experience

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