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Heat pumps by Bosch Home Comfort Group

An European Heat Pump Story

The energy transition goes hand in hand with a switch to energy technologies that use renewable fuels instead of fossil fuels. A prime example of such a solution: the heat pump. Its low CO2 balance makes it the ideal heat generator for new buildings and renovated existing buildings. It uses environmental energy for heating and cooling. This makes it not only environmentally friendly but also convincing with its low operating costs. Heat pumps can also be combined with other green energy technologies such as a photovoltaic system. A clever energy management system then ensures that energy flows are distributed sustainably and used cleverly. The heat pump thus forms the basis for an expandable sustainable energy supply.

The heat pump is a heat generator with future potential. It enables the energy turnaround in the entire European building sector. The Bosch Home Comfort Group is therefore establishing heat pump research, development, and production on a pan-European basis with an investment of around 700 million euros. Heat pump development centers in Tranås, Sweden, cover Northern European heat pump requirements. The Wernau site in Germany functions as the central European development center of the Bosch Home Comfort Group, while the Portuguese site in Aveiro serves the southern European market. This EU regional strategy offers the possibility to react to different demands and individual challenges with regionally adapted portfolios.

In terms of heat pump share, Northern Europe is the most advanced market. Here, heat pumps have a leading position with a share of over 90 percent of the new construction market. The focus in Northern Europe is on optimizing the performance of the brine heat pump. In Central Europe, the focus is also on the system concept. Here it is important to combine heat pumps, predominantly air-to-water heat pumps, with additional components such as smart domestic ventilation systems. The addition of a photovoltaic system is also proving to be particularly sustainable. Energy flows within this future-proof overall system are then controlled by an overarching control system, such as the Bosch Energy Manager. The result is an efficient use of one's electricity. In southern Europe, the Bosch Home Comfort Group is focusing on expanding its heat pump portfolio to include cost-effective product alternatives.


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